Fling Golf is an exciting new sport and awesome alternative to golf that can be played on a golf course with a golf ball, alongside golfers and scored the same way as golf. You only need one FlingStick for every type of shot. That means no cumbersome bag to lug around. For those  folks who like lacrosse, baseball or hockey and a more active, athletic style of play, FlingGolf is the real deal. Most people can easily learn the sport in a matter of minutes.

We are one of the first courses in Southern Maine to offer this fun game!

FlingGolf is great for work outings, kids birthday parties, fund raising events or a casual fun few hours outside.

Check out this link below for a basic explanation of the game:

Check out this link for basic FlingStick use and throws:

FlingGolf Hours:

Call for other availability

FlingGolf Rates:

9 Holes Walking $10
FlingStick Rental free
Cart Rental $15 

All pricing is per person

Call 207-929-5233 or email us at info@salmonfallscountryclub.com for more information.